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whale shark

We will leave the hotel and arrive in Cancun at 8:00 am where we will serve a continental breakfast and board a boat.
, after 1 hour of trip in the boat where surely we will see dolphins and turtles we will arrive at the area of ​​the whale shark. Once in the area we will snorkel with the Whale Sharks and blankets, we will be 3h in the area where we can take pictures from the boat and also in the snorkeling

we will go to Isla Mujeres to do another snorkeling in a coral area where we will see many fish of different species and corals. At the end of the snorkeling we will go to the north beach in Isla Mujeres to eat fish or shrimp with guacamole. After lunch we will return to Cancun
We will be back in Cancun at approximately 2:00 pm

It is recommended to take; sneakers, shoes, towel, sunscreen, hat or cap
Submersible cell phone case
Note; the snorkel is done with tube and vest glasses if you want to take off your vest to be able to submerge you must rent a neoprene suit, cost of the suit 15 dollars

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    whale shark 125€ January 1, 1970 - January 1, 1970 whale shark We will leave the hotel to arrive at chiquila at 8:00 am where a continental breakfast will be served and we will board the boat. We will sail for 1 hour to reach the whale shark area, on the way we will surely see dolphins and turtles, once we reach the area we will snorkel with whale sharks and with blankets, we will be in the area 2 hours where we can take photos from the boat and also when we do the snorkeling. We will return to holbox island where we will eat a ceviche or fried fish. We will tour the center of the island with a guide who will explain the history of this wonderful island Subsequently, a golf cart will be loaded, 2 people for each golf cart will be given a map of the island and you will have 1 hour of free time to travel. I recommend bringing; sneakers, chanchas, towel, spray for mosquitoes, $ 135 0


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